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AGES 8 to 18


As part of our Sports Programmes, the Achievement Tennis Programme provides tennis tuition for children aged 8–18 years, in schools, community centres (with courts) and tennis clubs, while enforcing

"skills for life", such as;

      self- assurance, positive self-image, the ability of co-operation and communication with others,

goal setting, discipline and concentration.

 In addition the child learns the primary fundamental concepts of healthy nutrition.

The programme can be taught 2, 3 or 4 hours weekly.

The programme is based on each player learning and achieving different skills needed to play tennis.

The programme has 3 levels.

Each Level is made up of 36 tests.

To complete this programme the player will have to pass 108 tests.  

For a child to pass all 3 levels they will have learned all the necessary skills needed to play tennis.

Each month a report will be made showing each coach’s groups’ of players, and the levels they have achieved. In this way, we can accurately monitor the progress of the children and coaching.

Each level’s tests can be publicly displayed, in poster format, so that players

are able to see them at any time.

Each test is a type of skill required to play tennis.

There is a Coach Development Programme (one a quarter is recommended),

where coaches are trained and monitored.

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