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The Athletic Development Programme was conceived by Anthony Harris. The programme offers a course of 30 structured lessons, taught by trained teachers.


This programme serves as a basis of development for excellence in all sports.

The overall goals of the programme are:

To develop motor skills i.e. agility, balance, co-ordination, speed.

To give all children the opportunity to participate in sport.

To have fun through physical activity and thus promote a healthy lifestyle from an early age,

and a love for sport.

To identify talented youngsters for follow-up programmes.


Through participation in the Athletic Development Programme, a child

  will begin to acquire invaluable life skills:

Listening and following directions.

Sharing and co-operating with others.

Building self-confidence.

Enhancing self-esteem.

Learning to concentrate and focus.

The response of educators, parents and children who have participated in this programme, has been overwhelmingly favorable. Among the success stories are those of children with physical and mental disabilities, with medical confirmation of their improvement

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