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AGES 5 to 7


The programme offers a one year course of 30 structured lessons, whereby the introduction of tennis begins. The programme is divided into 3 parts:

Part One- athletic development and an introduction to tennis

Part Two- mini tennis with athletic development

Part Three- mini tennis

This process teaches children the correct technical skills of tennis at a young age. It is played with soft balls, encouraging technical repetition. Tactical skills are easier to acquire as keeping the ball in play becomes possible.

What is Mini Tennis?

 It is a way of introducing tennis to children ages 4-9 years, in a fun and educative manner.

 It is a game designed to help form tennis skills and life skills like confidence self-esteem,

self-discipline, and self-motivation.

 It is an economical and fun way to learn tennis.

 It is designed to create a taste for tennis in the child so that they consider it as a sport for life.

 It is a way of developing all the motor skills at the right time and thus improving the cognitive development of the child.

The advantages of Mini Tennis:

 Incredible progress is made in a short time period.

 It is a very rewarding sport.

 It is possible to practice it anywhere as only a small space is necessary.  

 It is fun for all ages, where children can interact socially.

 It is a game with great social components and develops co-operation skills.

 It develops the qualities of the child’s personality.

 It allows the child to express itself as an individual and as a member of a team.

 There are health benefits from the physical exercise.

 Parents and children can practice together.

 Tennis is a sport for a life!


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